Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Update from Oz

Australia is beautiful. In a different way from Italy. Italy was filled with astounding cultural sights, breathtaking natural views, amazing food and wonderful people. Australia, atleast going by what we've explored in Sydney so far, doesn't have many beautiful buildings or wonderful ethnic food. But I am in love with its vast expanses, beautiful skies, community culture (free library, large parks and grounds that are free for all, well-functioning public transport) and the idea of an adult life that ventures beyond work and immediate family. We've been here 10 days so far and most time has gone into staying at home hunched infront of the computer. Despite that, we've visited the Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens, gone on a ferry ride to Watson's Bay and abandoned the highly touted walk from Coogee to Bondi. More than that though, I like walking on these everyday roads. The grounds are breathtakingly large and green, every county seems to have its own fitness and sports centre, and I spent a lot of time today evening just watching a Net practice in a nearby ground. I'm also continuously googling for meetups in Art, Literature and Film areas and though there aren't as many as Id've liked (I keep hearing Melbourne is the larger cultural and sports centre), there are quite a few. This place also makes me want to go out for a walk or a run and I feel like there's more freedom for an individual to do what he wants or wear what he wants without attracting as many stares as in India. It's funny because I always thought I wouldn't like living in foreign (read first world, western city) but I really seem to be enjoying the opportunities available for an individual to pursue interests and passions. The orderly life, unlike the unnecessarily glorified India's 'Ordered Chaos', leaves enough mental space to venture beyond worrying about work, commutation and saving money. We noticed it a lot in Italy too. People not worried about bank balances (although it could be argued that we were only tourist-observers and don't have a real idea of how everyday-lives work) but spending time and money to find happiness now- eating out, meeting friends, taking a run, indulging in passions, discussing finer things. Pay more taxes and let the government help you with medical and educational expenses as and when you need it and don't worry about saving up for the children. Liking it, liking it a lot.

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Deekshith said...

From cultural scene to cricket net practice, from counties' pastures to societal liberty, this sums up an experience that one could gather in 10 days. Glad you're liking it there.