Tuesday, August 21, 2018

discussing films

  • We spent a good two hour discussing films: Dhiraj, Sandeep and I
  • Pathaka trailer, Bhardwaj's previous films, Shahid Kapoor's strange career graph where his memorable roles are unfrequent and are interspersed with horrible film choices
  • Manto and its phenomenal cast 
  • Cast Away, Wilson and minimalist movie posters
  • Scorsese and his dichotomy: Gangster Rock and Meditations on God
  • The genius of Wes Anderson and his inimitable, literary sensibilities
  • Kieslowski's Dekalog
  • Shaun Carruth, Primer, Upstream Color, Predestination (which I wrongly called Proposition)
  • Richard Linklater, Before Trilogy, Boyhood and how he makes films on the events that happen between the events other films are made of
  • Ramu and how Shiva paved the way for Satya and Black Friday
  • TVFs brilliant content- this, this and this
  • Biswa Kalyan Rath's astounding standup and that 1 min episode of his in IIM that comes in Comicstaan S1E1
  • Recommendations to watch Laakhon mein ek and Yeh meri family

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