Tuesday, June 22, 2010

poem ek numberee

my first ever attempt at poetry. wrote it in about a minute. the idea came in the loo, i rush out, write everything and then set it up in proper order. don't know where the idea came from but it was like a lightening. thought i'd work on it, refine it but i'm letting it be the way it came.
here it goes.


when i fall, i rise,
when he falls, and fall he shall, he lifts everyone with him.

i take people to the verge of heaven,
his is the heaven and all earth.

i have a reason,
he has a cause.

i live either in the past or future,
he breathes this moment.

i want to win,
he wants to play.

i learn the game,
he learns from the game.

i'm on people's tongues,
he's in their 'earts.

i think,
he feels.

i'm a mere mortal,
his quest is for immortality.

and finally, i die a man,
he lives on a god.

that, my friend, is the difference
between a winner and a loser.


Anirudh Reddy said...

i love the poem!

but why do you refer to the loser as 'I'??

sirish aditya said...

don't know. started off like that i s'pose. like i said, didn't want to meddle with it too much.

Sravani said...

it's beautiful...

sirish aditya said...

rofl! is it? thanks.

varun said...

Too good... The best i read after ROBERT FROST.. truly beautiful

Shyamala said...
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Sai Kishore Bandaru said...

sxi undi mama

sirish aditya said...

;)..thanks babai.


nice one raa adi...

sirish aditya said...

babai! comment kuda chestava?..intlo net ochindi gaa, kummai