Saturday, May 29, 2010

The other world

I feel good today. As I sit down to write after a long time. There's the impulse driving me and though it ain't going to be much, it's coming involuntarily. Doing a bit of GRE, playing the guitar, reading quite a lot, meeting new people, life's back on track and I'm pleased with myself.

Went to the MAD PR meeting today. CCD Banjara Hills, can you believe it. Thought I wouldn't go but then just pushed myself into it and am proud of going. I've gained clarity. I was thinking all the way back home about all the MADsters and for a while, my self-esteem went down the trash bin. I mean those folks are awesome. They work in Infosyses, Googles and Oracles and yet they manage to take time for MAD and do all the work. And boy are they good. They know what they're talking about, how to make people listen and work hard for what they believe in.

After a long time, today, I was scared to shit. Of what I'd end up like because looking at some of those people, I realized I wasn't good at anything. My mum always told me that in life it's important to be good at atleast one thing, to be the best there is so that the world looked upto you. And to realise that there are people in the world who are always in pursuit of perfection. I mean probably that is why they say you're supposed to meet new people, go to new places and all that stuff. 'Coz as long as you are a part of a group, you've earned your spot there. People there know what you're about, what's your worth and have an image of you. And that is the reason complacency sets in. You think, all your life, everywhere, you're going to be treated the same way. But what happened today was a wake up call to me. I learnt that there are people in the world better than I am, more competent and ready to work harder.

Aww! That took quite some time to sink in but all the fun is about rising upto it. Alright, off I go then in pursuit of getting better.

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Unknown said...

looks like good old..well not so old adi is bak..ur post tells ur in gud spirits again :)