Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In search of the elusive truth

The world is a place of relative truths. There's nothing in life which is The Truth. Funnily enough, what was considered the One Big Truth ain't one big truth but one's Version of the big truth. As I write this, I'm asking myself how can there be so many truths? Probably, what we all see are different versions wherein one or none of them is the Truth. But before I talk about that, I first need to explain why in the first place I'm writing this.

All of us have faced this in life. Your best friend tells you something. Your girlfriend has a different version of it and the guy you've hated all your life has a whole different version, but which you think is the truest. Weird word that, ain't it. When Truth is the highest of them all, what's truer, and truest. Higher versions of the one truth. To hell, English is a very tricky language. Anyway, so who do you believe? We've all faced this situation and I, for the kind of a person I am, take whatever comes to me at that point of time and don't think a lot over it. I guess it was in a movie when I first heard, "Why think so much and complicate life?". Point boss.

Where were we. Yea, truth. I once read a Bradbury line which said, "Truth is momentary." That is what life is. Its this moment. And that is why I believe in the validity of life, that is only as long as you are really living in the moment. Boy, this is turning messy. I have no clarity as to what I'm saying but I'm not thinking now. I'm just writing. As I was saying earlier, what among this is the truth? I guess all of those versions is the Truth. Or rather, truths. Because none of what anyone says, or infact sees or hears firsthand, is not the truth. Because once it enters your impure mind, its lost its credibility.

All of what people are saying, no matter if they are taking oath by the Bhagwad Gita, are but the myriad versions of that One Elusive Truth. So, all we can do is consider what we believe in that precise moment to be true. The mind follows a pattern and if it considers one of all those truths to be the truest of them all, then it should indeed be true. I know this is a rather complicated post containing various, should I say, sizes of truth but then, think about it. Or if I was asking you to think, would I be contradicting myself?


Vikranth said...

If you believe that Truth is absolute then all the crap of finding the "truest" comes into play but If we accept that truth as just a relative term which changes with the perspective of the seeker,Then Life becomes simpler.
I hope you got my point.

Deekshith Vemuganti said...

@ vikranth :: very true!

sirish aditya said...

i thought that was my point.