Sunday, October 2, 2011


One of my friends, Prabhat, an ICICI Fellow who I met in Darewadi, wrote this poem which I just read. It stunned me into awe and left me speechless that somebody as hilarious as he is, somebody I'm beginning to know is such a good poet. I'm a believer in the power of poetry and this poem reinstates it.


Ek sama jalana chahta hu,

Logo ko jagana chahtu hu,

Aasma ke upar apna ghar banana chahta hu,

Har dard ko apnana chahtu hu,

Khusiyo ko lutana chahta hu,

Har ghar mai gyan ki jyoti jalana chahta hu,

Apne Ma ke dard ko bhulana chahta hu,

Har gaon tak aspatal pahuchana chahta hu,

Bihari Marathi ke bhed-bhav ko mitana chahta hu,

Ek sasakt Bharat banana chahta hu .


Here is the link to his blog.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Aditya !! Poetry is an amazing tool to express your views !! It's a spontaneous process !!