Thursday, September 22, 2011

"If you think you can live without writing, do not write."

Rahul Dravid. That's one name a lot of our conversations reach to. The kind of admiration and respect we, both Deekshith and I, have for the great man is unparalleled. The gentleman's attributes of honesty, hard work, fair play, tenacity, discipline and dignity that he symbolises are something that we crave to reach up to. Like Deekshith just pointed out in his latest post, talking to him for me is one of the very few ways to get back to being what I was not so long ago, dreamy, irreverent, idealistic and arty. Having been bowled over by Gabriel Garcia's talk about his early writing days in Living to Tell the Tale, I wanted to talk to somebody about all that. Somebody who would not judge me, ptch me or preach me but would listen to me and respond correspondingly. All that pointed to Deekshith and it was not before long that we fell into the comfortable wavelength of the good old days. I will not write much about it since Deekshith's succinctly done all that very, very well in his post but will end with an idea that we both agreed upon. That writing is an obsession, a lifelong addiction to the world of fiction and writers write not because they want to but because they have to. Deekshith, looking forward to all those conversations in the Galli, again.

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Deekshith said...

this is something a great writer always does. Responding in style. I am in love with this short and subtle piece.

As usual, the respect towards you got doubled, oh wait! multiplied.