Wednesday, August 3, 2011

an ode to longing

its cruel, ruthless, life is
it is all that but mostly life is a sadist

it is like a maze, a great birds eye view
but nothing makes sense FPS

it throws you into a situation
you'd do anything to get out of

it keeps you there, stuck
and just when you start realizing

it leaves you gaping, sobbing
clutching the shards of memories

all those memories that once didn't exist
and will never except in the bygone past

to all those philosophers and saints
who understand life the way it is

they realize that life is all illusion
a paradox of incidents that never could have been

they are strangers, then friends
partial hatred with unsubstantiated longing

kammula made happy days and
living like that stuck to us

now that we are done, none of us
I believe, can manage to watch it

it is a funny thing, life,
where once in a while you accept

you realize that the entourage
has changed, so has the superstar

a heavy heart is a one full
of happy memories but

is there anything as a happy memory
or are memories plain heart-wrenching moments

because all that matters is the present
and only a loved one or a fool wants his past to relive

to all those who've ever felt
the pain of longing, here is an ode

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Deekshith said...

jaathi ni padukobettinav ra sirish gaa