Wednesday, February 23, 2011

quick punch

Well, like you are seeing right now, I've changed the look of the blog. It's been about three years since the same Simple Black theme has been set to it and for a while I thought it was patented to me. That was the standard of my blog and so I didn't mess with it too much, despite me getting irritated with it. But then today, suddenly, I realized that when I change so much, why should I stick to the same old theme forever.

So, in search of a new theme, I stumbled upon this and I like the easy, carefree way this looks. It's been a while since I have written anything, so it feels awkward again writing something; anything. Not much has happened since the last post but I stumbled across an idea 3 days ago, spoke about it with Varun and it seems to be getting somewhere. More about it when we start working on it. Office is good, my simple Java programs are actually running and I am able to retrieve data from the Database. That's about it for now.

I was just going through my archives and it hit upon me that if I seriously think I'm a good writer, I should be ashamed of myself. Apart from a handful good ones, most of the posts I've written are examples of pathetic writing skills. But then, they had to be written I guess.



Unknown said...

i think it'l reali take me time to sink in with this new luk f ur blog.Somehw as you said..dat standard black appeared js rite 4 ur blog and dis is contrasting simple white..does dat mean..u've moved 4m one end of lyf to the other end..ur thgts..n al??
Has dat smethng to do wid ur mindset nw? Have given it a thgt??

Sravani said... luk and all eh?..flatter me and tell me u did dis because u were oh! so very happy abt dose two happy news dat i gave u..;)

Deekshith Vemuganti said...

well, the reeves of change you notice in your writs is something reciprocating yourself with the one you were, some months, may be years ago.

Get back to this, Later man.