Monday, February 7, 2011

జీవితం బాబాయ్, జీవితం

Well, well, well, it's been quite long. So much to be written down. And Deekshith's just inspired me into actually jotting all of it down. Read his latest post, it's great. Anyway, all that apart, last two days have been crammed with lots of discussions, predominantly on life and if living life like it is being lived now makes any sense at all. The conversations in the last two days have been invigorating, have to be when the person on the other end is somebody like Ram. అన్నాయ్, మజా ఒచ్చింది .

All I want to do now is write, and since this has been the latest of happenings, I'm talking about it right now. For one, I met him on saturday evening at Air Force Station, Hakimpet. We had taken all the MAD kids out there and I have a feeling the ambience was just right for the discussion which followed. चिचोरापन is one word which defines me best and I guess he was reminded of his own chichora days when he saw me. And then, off to Baseraa, where I had a weird dinner amidst Ghazals and then we returned together. He said, "You remind me of all I was five years ago and all I'm asking you is not to make mistakes but to make newer ones than which I made." Trying stuff and making mistakes is Okay; brilliant. I don't really remember what we were talking but then it ranged from a Utopian world of no competition, to Hofstadter, to Francisian girls and if living amongst people who deliberately looked away from reality was worth it.

The part two began when we finished playing volleyball at FSC and took a bus to Lalapet, yesterday. And boy was the conversation enchanting. We spoke about an ideal world where things didn't deter you if you didn't want them to, where the idea of paradise is ఒక ఎకరం పొలం and కవిత్వం and if it was alright wanting to be happy all the time. I don't know if they took either of us anywhere but I can tell this on his behalf too that all those spoken words were to be spoken. Because looking back and checking your priorities is always important and he's done that for me. Happy గా బతకడానికి ఎం కావాలి, ఎంత కావాలి is a question which I believe everyone has to has oneself and that is what we had been doing. And I've been advised to read Indian mythology and philosophy, yes boss.

Infact, on saturday, before the dinner I spoke for a long time with Amogh and boy was that awesome. He spoke about authors and books I had never thought of and got me interested into something which sounds as mundane as Sales-Marketing and Strategy management. Amogh man, can you talk.

Had to write this. To all those conversations which turned me into who I am.


Deekshith said...

I so like it and its all about what you want to be happy and not how much you want. And you are a human,man, there's nothing greedy in it to be happy all the time and the effort you pour in to be like that makes the journey all the way beautiful.

Thanks btw, for tagging me in.

sirish aditya said...

i may be an ass but i'm an unbiased judge.

raMmY said...

Adi: Its been awesome interacting with u :) As I said you remind me of myself some years back and I am so happy to you think and live the way you live. In a way the conversation we had enriched me too.. I was/am living a pseudo life to a larger extent since quite sometime now.. but guess talking to you, I might have just gotten back to where i belong!!

No wonder we have the same ideals!!

Cheers Mate!