Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Mark wasn't wrong. I've read Accidental Billionaires, seen The Social Network and have read quite something about Zuckerberg and about all those people who say he's cheated or stolen them their due. Sorkin provides an excellent answer in the movie, "If you guys were the inventors of facebook, you would have invented facebook." Bingo. Mark reminds me a lot of Steve and that is probably why I envy and worship him. Its not just intellect or luck that's made them successful. More importantly, its their single minded devotion to the love of their lives. Zuckerberg lives and breathes Facebook just like at one point of time Jobs lived Apple. That vision is so powerful that nothing else has the ability to lure them away from that path to achieve it. Not friends, not foes, not girls and definitely not money. And that I believe is very important for anyone. I know, instead of preaching shit, I should be doing it myself. Genius. Like nothing else matters. And that portrayal as a mean asshole is just a shield to protect himself from the various temptations life around him has to offer.


Got unplugged yesterday. I'm getting addicted to it. I've seen the movie again today and boy, was I inspired by it again. I mean, that Zen like quality Zuckerberg has, that narrow vision(sometimes interpreted as focus) is irreproachable. I believe any successful man, anybody who's really done something, has had it. All I can think of now is Jobs, yeah, but then if you want to do something so novel and at such an age, when you have nothing to show for yourself, that steel willed belief and focus are essential. To say no to friends, to social life, to girls, and to everything else that'll make you normal. That is the fucking prerequisite. If I sound jealous, that's because I am. How does somebody earn that? That Dravid-ian ability to bend down, do what you are supposed to, not give a shit if the rest of the world is partying, not give a shit what people think about you. All that matters, when you're done with your work and look up, is that you show the world what they've never seen before.

That's all I can think of about now. Till next time, watch The Social Network.


Deekshith Vemuganti said...

you dont really have to forgo all the fun you had had in your life. Its not only about giving all them up and reaching something but I think its enjoying each and every point and phase of journey through out. think about it.
And when it comes to modern innovators and dreamers,they just don't work their asses off but they are working smartly! Refer *Stay hungry,Stay foolish* by Rashmi Bansal.

sirish aditya said...

i'm not denying they don't love it. i'm talking about an obsession, yeah that's the word I should've used. That ability to stay oblivious to everything else apart from the love of your life.

Vikranth said...

DeekshiTh::"STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH" is a qoute from "THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG".It was part of the farewell note and Steve Jobs was a sucker to it.

Deekshith said...

@vikranth :: i,no where,brought steve jobs into this! thats the title of book written by an Indian writer,Rashmi Bansal.
and yea,I do know that it was from whole earth catalogue,which used to be a journal or magazine or whatever ,in those times, youth used to worship it!*(even Jobs fall into that category)