Friday, September 3, 2010

lingering in

Ages since I posted something. Lots of drafts, lots of theories and lots of life waiting to be published. I haven't been feeling week since a couple of days and though I thought I'd post something yesterday, I couldn't, so here I arrive today. I have no clue what I'm going to write about but I think it'll be long. Anyway.

There's something about Shiva(Bhagwan Shiva). I saw a copy of The Immortals of Meluha last week, came home Googled it and read the first chapter. Alright, before that, I was returning from college yesterday and was plugged to the iPod after a long long time. So, I heard Shambho Shiva Shambho and started thinking about how much friendship matters and the price you are ready to pay to remain friends forever. All the Anirudh episodes, Shanky episode and that highway thing came into mind. I think I'm beginning to shift from being a out and out Roarkian to someone with a more normal way of viewing and living.

That apart, I hadn't read The Immortals of Meluha then yet and was really captivated by the cover photograph. And then started thinking about how Shiva is a normal human being, ascetic enough and yet Mahadev, the God of Gods. By the way, Dhruti tells me I think a lot. I don't know. Dreaming is the only solace I find when I think I'm incomprehensible. That sometimes, you don't have to make sense, even to yourself. Being a little immodest, am I? I don't know.

The most used phrase used today, "I don't know". I think I've already spoken about it but then I'm cutting down on its usage. As long as you have an 'I don't know' ready, you are trying to escape. Running away from life, instead of confronting it. Ohon! I reek of stupid theories and phiilosophies.

Alright, back to real(we'll talk about 'real' later) life now. I've always been scared of dogs. Shit scared. But the whole of yesterday, I played with Tuffy(Kaushik's temporary pet), carried it around in a box and tickled it. That's not much of an achievement though, Tuffy's(a cross breed of a a German Shephard and a Labrador) about 2 months old, toothless and cannot bark. But I hope I graduate soon and handle big dogs.

Varun came down home today in evening and we spoke about a lot of stuff. Like about the Education System, the importance of talking aloud and getting your voice heard and about Simon Singh's The Big Bang. Its a beautiful book and Varun too fell in love with it. We spoke about Hoyle, Einstein and Eddington. He walked me to the doctor and then we spoke about revamping the education system. Fun it was. Now, its time to talk. Soon, it'll be time to act.

She's behaving weirdly. Sometimes she wants to talk, wants to stay close, other times, she doesn't care. She's busy, I know. But still yaar. And there's still her.

Anyway, time to go and watch Balibo.
And yeah, Indian Ocean is the greatest band in the world.

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