Tuesday, July 20, 2010

expect nothing

The moment a relationship is based on need, its gone. It doesn't exist. I was looking at a Sadhguru speech last week and he in one of his discourses states this. I proved it to myself today when I was talking to Amma. That's not relevant here but what my point is, when you get into a relationship because you expect something in return or when you need what the other person gives you, you are giving away your freedom.

Any person should rely only on himself for anything he wants. Because, like I said, when you start expecting things and don't get them in return, you'll start bulding a vengeance. And form thereon starts the deterioration of any relation. If you can give something, do it. If you can't, don't expect anything in return.

'Coz when you don't expect anything, everything else is going to be great.

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Unknown said...

you are pretty much right..and i dnt know how it happens..i ws into a sore relations..reading this post..i've found answers to al of it and u cleard my confusions..cant thank you enf..u ended my pain..!! btw i completely agree wid u!!