Monday, June 21, 2010

MADly in love

Ages since I posted something here. Went to MAD Ice Breaking session yesterday, Rainbow Home for Girls. Had the time of my life. Posted this stuff in MAD Hyderabad's blog. Here it goes.


Pursuit of Happiness

Looking out of the bus window, at the overcast skies, listening to Indian Ocean, I'm nervous. So very nervous. I don't know what its going to be like when I meet those little kids. What should I say to them? What will they think of me? Will I be accepted?

I get down at the bus stop, walk a little and spot the Government school for Girls seconding as the Rainbow home for Girls. I spot Glo, wave at her and as I start walking, two little girls come to me hold my hand and guide me towards her. They ask me what I'm called, "What is your name?" and then tell theirs, Aarti and Sandhya. I see Glo talking to those little kids and am fascinated by how those little girls seem to cling to her. Everybody wants a piece of 'Gloriakka' and once she introduces me to them, same reaction. Little girls, barely 3 feet tall hug me, give me those glorious smiles and soon there are a million shouts of anna, anna allover. Ten minutes later everyone's here, all the volunteers and we start off.

First, it's dividing everyone into 5 groups and me and Sai are in this group called 'Sunflowers'. Lol! Can you actually believe it, Sunflower. Anyway, we are supposed to get organised but nobody seems to be listening to me. Sai tries and she's a little better at it than I am. I mean, she's the Best Teacher and all that. After those lemon in the spoon races and all, things now go completely out of control. Glo, in an attempt to lure kids into listening to her, takes out a bag of balloons. Next moment, you can't spot her amidst all those girls who spring on her. After blowing a zillion buggalu, solving out trifles and in the meantime running around and carrying kids, we eventually get into another ground. There its to time play Current Shock, enacting the train and paper dancing. Lifting a couple o' kids to sit on the parapet wall was my idea and everyone had to pay for it. Everyone wanted to sit on it, and those who were already sitting wanted to get off it. And add to that, Sai's rhythmless Band Bajana. I don't know if I sound like I'm cribbing, but honestly, it was awesome. Nothing like anything I expected.

I've never been held that way. Little kids you've never seen before come running and hug you so hard, that feeling I've never had before. It sounds strange but kids who've been deprived of love for most of their loves, are so generous with it. I've never seen nothing so selfless. All they want in return is sometime to be spent with them, and a little care. At the end of it all, 2 hours just flew away and looking back, I haven't had that feeling in my tummy for a long time. Is is contentment? Is it pride in myself? I think I know what it is. The feeling when somebody hugs with you with all their heart and you look skywards and thank God for everything. It is called Happiness.


Unknown said...

for a few minutes, i felt as if i'm right there watching everything happening infront of me..and probably what you experienced can be called as the best form of happiness as its derived out of untainted love and affection from those little kids!!

sirish aditya said...

sure was. like i said, before i reached, i was rather apprehensive if i could do justice to them. but boy, was it awesome. looking forward for the classes.