Sunday, January 24, 2010

Me, my college and more

What do you write about a place which has been your home for more than 2 years? And about a family where no one is related through blood but who'd give their lives for yours? About those friends who know your deepest secrets, your finest moments and who've been with you in your darkest hours? And now I face that daunting task as I sit down to write about my engineering life which has been full of surprises, revelations and a lifetime of memories. So, I start off with Lennon in my ears, a smile on my lips and nostalgia in my eyes.

Exactly 26 months ago, I walked out of Ganga theatre, having watched the First show of Happy Days. My college, CVR College of Engg, was starting the next day and I was nervous, if not excited. After having watched Happy Days, I dreamt about how the next four years of my life would be like and unsurprisingly, a lot of it had been derived from the film. Now, looking back, I realise a lot has changed in all those months. Old friends have seeped away into deeper lanes of my memory, new friends have more than made up for it, my girl left me, I got ragged and then I ragged, I stopped lsitening to Himesh Reshammiya and started my musical journey ranging from Cohen to Lennon and from Springsteen to Rabbi. But the thing that's changed the most is me. I'm not the same gawky, shy, introverted, innocent teenaged I was. What am I now, I don't know. Probably I'll know looking back a couple of years from now.

And I know everyone, all of us have gone through this. And a major part of it has got to do with the college and the folks in it. The day I joined CVRCE, I was neither elated nor disappointed. I was just apprehensive as to how it would be like. I know everyone feels like that on their first day to what are unarguably the most important 4 years of an engineering student's life. 2 years from that day, today, I'm proud of my friendships, a few of my lecturers and my college. I mean, whenever I'm in the college, there is a sense of belonging in there. I feel protected. I feel closer to myself.

My college is one such place and anyone who's been a CVRian would surely know that, don't you guys? Apart from the disfunctional robot and eco clubs and other similar crap, there's nothing much happening. Someone's playing basketball, someone's in the library, someone's in the HOD's office getting scorned and someone's lazing around in the shades of a tree. But that is the best part of it. Its unhurried, its quiet and pretty laidback. I'm loving it and am looking forward to my last 3 sems.

After my results, I repeneted not making it through a 'reputed' college, IITs, NITs etc. You know how its like. You read Five Point Someone and you want to be an IITian. But then after getting here, I realised something. Something very important. It is not the place you are in as much as the company you have. And luckily, I have the finest friends imaginable. Thanks God! I'm glad I'm here.


I wrote this article because Vidyouth wanted an article sent to them about college life. Though not entirely honest(I was looking to be recruited!), it more or less defines what my life has been as a CVRian.


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man lemme kno if u get placed in to it !! anyways all the best

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thanks. and i did get in.

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get in where?? btw,the post is great! loved it!

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get into vidyouth. thanks.

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