Friday, December 4, 2009

James (Genius) Cameron

3 and a half minutes of visual ecstasy, nothing like I've seen in a long time. If the trailer is any testimony, James Cameron will go down in history as a person who knew how to use every dimension in the process of film making.

I've seen both, Terminator 2 and Titanic. The former gave me an adrenaline rush and "Hasta la vista, Baby". The later is so inspiring that whenever I watch it, James Cameron's genius overshadows the film. Especially that scene in the end, when everyone's running panic stricken, the musician's start playing as an ode to the Ship. Rolland Emmerich needs to learn more from Cameron than high tides and glaciers.

James Cameron is my new God. From what I know, Avatar has been his pet project for about 15 years. And when he approached film studios then, they couldn't believe what they heard about creating an entire parallel universe through Computer Graphics. Infact, that in itself shows Cameron's prowess. He directed a film like Titanic while waiting for his brainchild to grow.

Folks! If you haven't watched the trailer, go watch it. If you have, go watch it again. Honestly, you wouldn't mind. I just made up this concocted sentence while I was peeing. Cameron is someone who can pull off Shakespeare's Love, Dicken's Grimness, Tolstoy's Subtlety, DaVinci's Complexity, Michelangelo's Detail, Picaso's Abstractness, Steve Jobs' Passion, Einstein's Imagination and add to that Walt Disney's Love for Animation. Did I just list down the greatest brains of the millennium. Yeah, I know that goes way over the top but hey, I'm still in the Avatar-Trailer-Hangover and I get goosebumps all over whenever I look at it.

I don't know if the movie's going to keep up to the expectations, unusual if the trailer's so good but then, I'm praying Cameron has it in him to prove that Man's thinking abilities have reached the next level. Infact, looking back, all that I wrote about him is based almost entirely on the trailer rather than his previous work. But God, do I want it to transport me into another world, both figuratively and rhetorically.

I'm not really a Sci-Fi or a fantasy junkie but I loved watching The Lord of the Rings in theatres. (Psst! A piece of quick trivia. The day I walked out of the theatre having watched The Fellowship of the Ring, I decided for the first time that I wanted to be a Director- a Storyteller). I like everyday stories, with the director focusing more on human emotions rather than the Blueness of a Green tree (and that is why Emmerich pisses me off) but Jackson taught me, no matter how large the scale of a movie, you can still add a lot of humane touch to it. Ditto, Titanic.

And hopefully, Avatar.

Cameron, I'm waiting with bated breath.

P.S: I get a knot in my stomach at 2.06. The jump, the music and the camera are so perfectly synchronized that it feels like vertigo.


vidya said...

awesumest review of a trailer i ever read!

Champ said...

OMG!!! Jus the trailer made me say WTF!!..i cant get it outta my mynd..cant wait to watch it buddy..

sirish aditya said...

rofl! of a trailer? and yea champa, the trailer's mouth watering.

Unknown said...

man reading spell bound!! i loved da way u cmpard n related cameron to al da geniuses f da millinum..its js mindblowg..i feel lik readg it over n over again n again!!

Shyamala said...

I agree with Vasishta. The way you have shown your liking to Cameron by relating him to the greatest personalities of the millenium is awesome. I like it, my dear.