Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why the forced mourning?

The climax to the gripping episode of YS Rajashekhar Reddy's missing helicopter came to an end today morning at around 11.00, after more than 24 hours of anxious wait. And following his death, tomorrow has been declared an holiday and all TV channels and shops have been ordered closed.

But why the forced mourning? Why should we be forced to watch his funeral procession because that is the only thing that is being repeatedly telecast. One thing to remember here is that I have nothing against the guy. A Good or bad person he was, that is my personal opinion. All I am trying to say is why don't I have a right to watch something I want to just because some guy(doesn't matter if he was a VVIP or not) dies. If, for one, his life was so very valuable and special, adequate care should have been taken to avoid the crash. But when he is already dead, what difference does it make to anyone if I mourn for him or not.

This is India in 2009. One, this is no communistic government we have. And two, this isn't Germany under Hitler, Uganda under Idi Amin or Iraq under Saddam Hussain. We live in the world's largest democracy, a constitution whose chief underlying principle is the freedom of people. When I don't even have a right even to watch whatever I want to, what kind of freedom are we talking about. Luckily, we atleast have the right of speech. Or if I was in a communist regime, I might have been detained for writing this piece.

What I think about YSR and if I really mourn his death has got nothing to do with my right for doing whatever I want to. I miss him, I will mourn for him. I don't, I won't. But that does not mean that someone has a right to inflict upon me his opinions. And the worst part is, all the financial loss of the 'bandh' will directly affect the 'Aam Aadmi'.

The Aam Aadmi who has got nothing to do either with YSR's death or the bandh, will actually have to pay money in the form of tax and added to that, he cannot go to work tomorrow, nor watch TV and can neither go out. This is a virtual prison inflicted on us by the Government we elect and who we pay to 'take care' of us. This shows the flaws of the kind of civilization we live in and the system we have built around us to live in.

The person is already dead. We cannot help it. But then why should our lives stop for someone who is not returning and who we(and our Netas) wouldn't remember a week later. I don't get it.

Holden Caulifield, this is 'Phoniness' at its bloody best.


Sravani said...

It's funny how nobody seems to notice that 4 other people also died along with him in the crash.There has been hardly any information about the Special Secretary P.Subramanyam,an IAS officer who is held in great regard,or about the pilot S.K.Bhatia,a retired army man who was a superb pilot and a fighter!!..It's extremely sorrowful and unmerited..

Unknown said...
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SheSpeaks said...

A real-good thought! Just think about the fellow pilot and their family.After all their efforts, what they get in the end is a death that almost goes UN-NOTICED? Real heores are not who bag money backdoors..its they who die a death of purpose.Its unfortunate to have lost our CM but then..Its not only his life..that counts..

sirish aditya said...

yeah! honestly, i didn't think of that aspect..a really good version of it the both of you brought..