Friday, September 4, 2009

all of life's gyaan, in one sexy tagline!

I slept for 4 hours today afternoon. So am not sleepy at all. And as jobless as I am, I was reading all those testimonials written to me. Surprising how things change. How people are not what they were and what they will be sometime later. Well, that's all of life's gyaan for you in one line. It sounds sexy doesn't it, Change is Permanent. But it so hard to actually accept it.

Phew! I don't know if I was exactly like those testimonials portrayed me. But I am really surprised at how much I seem to have changed. How my relationships with all those people who wrote me testimonials have changed and how I'm meeting new people. I will try being as diplomatic as I can when I'm handling this matter because I want no problems later on. Ok.

One thing so prevalent among all those testimonials is that I have let all of them down. If I was atleast half as good as they had portrayed me, I wouldn't have been in this position with them today-one of them is really pissed of with me, one is really hurt for being let down, one hates me now and doesn't want to talk to me and with one, I'm in a stalemate state where neither of us know where our relationship is going. Phew, all this change in about an year.

Well, this was bound to happen. Change is Permanent, ain't it? Infact, before I move on, I'd like to say something about that line there. The line itself is a paradox. If the line followed its own rule, in one way, it wouldn't be permanent because it is bound to change. But in another way, if something is permanent and it is unchanging, it is proving itself to be false. See, this is why a strong cup of tea at 12.30 in the morning is so very stimulating.

Anyways, as I was saying, I'm really surprised that so much has changed. Wait a sec, didn't I just say that all this was bound to happen. So, I suppose it can be safely deduced that all this was bound to happen and I, as ignorant as I was, didn't really want to see it coming. Whatever. But this is probably the most beautiful aspect of life. I know, I know. That all this sounds really good but when it actually happens to you, life is so very unfair. But having gone through all this, I can proudly say that I really learnt something from all this. And that if I have one more chance, I wouldn't repeat it.

See. That is why bad experiences are so much important as much are the good ones. That is why change is inevitable. If everything is going very well, you wouldn't let it stay as such, wanting some spice in life. And when nothing's going well, you would want to change it to lead a happy, better life. Weird life this.

And what is wrong with me? A year ago I wouldn't have been up at 1.15 in the morning, drinking tea and discussing life's intricacies. See, I have changed too. That's all for now. Think about it.

And yeah, before I leave, here's the promised not-so-original line, Change is Permanent, or is it?

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