Sunday, December 14, 2008


AIESEC, eh? Exactly. Even I heard the name for the first time when my girl mentioned it to me a day before the recruitments. I guess then that would be on 10th august, 2008. She told me over phone that it was a voluntary organization, the world's largest and very famous. She told me that she had bought me a form and that we would be going together for the auditions the next day.

Fine, thought I. No problem. Let me give it a shot. So, off we went the next day to Amrutha Castle with her filled form and my yet-to-be-filled form. First, we had a GD round where (if I remember rightly), 6 of us were to discuss on an array of topics ranging from Teenage Pregnancies to Chocolate v/s Sex etcetera. Anyways, I got through the first round pretty easily and so did my "girl"(I can't write her name...just in case someone sees it :O :P).

The second round had us hypothesize as the marketing team of Tata Nano and we were supposed to brainstorm new ideas of how to sell the car. This was fun and tested my brain nerves more than the GD did...I was selected for the PI but my girl wasn't :(.

Anyways, it was my second official interview(after NDA) and I was pretty confident to attend it. This guy called Himanshu was the interviewer along with my girl's senior, Kanika. Kanika was nice and sweet and didn't ask me many questions :D. But Himanshu was no cake walk. Damn, he wasn't even a walk. We chatted for a really long time. He asked me about my regular habits, my hobbies, my commitments and quite a few hypothetical situation wherein I had to take decisions (What would you do if you were from another planet that stumbled across a USB? What would you do if you were the captain of your college cricket team and found out that one of your teammates was gay (read homosexual, not happy :P)?).

It was fun talking to him and by the time I walked out, I wanted to get into AIESEC. Admitted, I didn't know anything about it and had no idea what volunteers do, but judging by the interviewers and other participants, I came to a conclusion that this thing was pretty cool. And even if it wasn't, I wanted to win it badly because it had been a really long time since I had won anything. This looked like a pretty cool opportunity to prove myself.

And I felt I had a pretty good chance of getting through. A year ago, I might have been very confident about making it but NDA had taught me something. It snubbed my overconfidence more or less, and I was quite nervous about AIESEC results. We were told that results would be out in 10 days. But even after a fortnight, I had not received any correspondence. So, I kept on pestering this guy called Salahuddin for over a week and I finally receive an e-mail- Despite your excellent qualifications, we are sorry to inform you that you have not been selected.

Yeah, so why am I telling you all about what happened 4 months ago? Well, AIESEC had already left an impression on me(after I researched on it quite a bit) and well, then I learned that Sravani's cousin was selected. I mean , nothing against the guy but the first question that popped in my head when she gave me his visiting card was Why am I not an AIESECer? She gave me his visiting card 2 days ago and it is now stuck onto my monitor. Well, maybe some inspiration could help ;). Anyways, the next recruitments are in february and I'm going to do anything this time to get in...

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Soumya said...

all da besttt for next one thammi :D ... i know u have he potential ;)