Sunday, August 3, 2008

Inner Engineering

Who am I? Why was I created? Who created me? What is common between me and all those others who I thought were like me? When was I born? Where will I go after I die? What is death? What is time? These are some of the many questions that came to me once I started attending the Inner Engineering Workshop by Isha Yoga (from 23rd July to 29th July).
In this extremely busy lifestyle of ours, we should stop once in a while and retrospect what we have been doing and what we have achieved by it. We are so engrossed making time for others that we don't have time for ourselves. Even after these many years of existence, what do we know about ourselves? From the moment one is born, one is pushed by the society and social norms so much so that one is breathless running and running but where are we running to? Only when we stop and retrospect what We are and realise why and where we are running, only then will there be any purpose to our lives.
That is what the Sadhguru makes us realise in that one week long workshop. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an enchanting presence. We only watched his AVs but we were so engrossed by his mesmerising speeches, that for sometime we forgot that we weren't our normal selfs anymore. He just carries you with him whereever he goes.
Through a series of simple Yogic postures and some deep speeches, he makes us realise that all our lives we just have been thinking that we know ourselves but we actually don't know anything about ourselves. And the best part is he proves that to all "us" logical-brains through experiments and scientific proofs.
Everyday he discusses about something from our Body, to God to scientific discoveries to how everyone is to know the purpose of their lives. It was a brilliant experience and the Shambavi Maha Mudra has really been helping me stay active about my body(not the passive self, if you understand the difference).I will try writing whatever I realised through his talks.
So folks, hold your breath in anticipation...

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