Sunday, July 22, 2012

daily check-in, lol

Its been a long weekend. Strange. But its been eventful. 3 great movies- Ananthapuram 1980, Premalo Padithe and Eega. Test driving cars. A long, wonderful conversation with Rahul, Vivek and Gattu at Ashok. Reading The Perfect Storm and The Blizzard. Listening to Mychael Danna and Hans Zimmer. Riding extensively across the city in fair and foul whether. And writing, feeling the bumps made by the pen, seeing my hand churn out intricately shaped a's and t's, listening to the pattering of the rain. Its been an eventful weekend. There's nothing else to write apart from this really. We spoke about the current organizational structure. About how flat hierarchy and calling the boss by his first name is just bullshit. We spoke about why it is important to truly believe in the work you are allotted to do. And I decided that when one day I'll have a company, I'll treat it truly like a company of people. People who don't work for a paycheck but who work because we share the vision. Because they too, like me, want to do something because we understand, endorse and believe in our goal. I should go get some sleep. Its been a long weekend.

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