Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shock of the century

Its been one long, long day. Started off on a pissed note that I woke up so late. Its 1.30 in the night and I'm still up, listening to Mayakkam Enna BGM and writing about how long a day its been. But the shock of the century came when I was riding in the rush hour traffic in Bazaar Ghat and Kishore told me about Raghav and his love. Shocker. Not in my wildest dreams that it did seem to be that Raghav, Palabugga, was capable of something like this. Took a long time sinking in. But I'm really happy about it. I love the way he's talking about her. Shy, nervous, giggly, and really happy. There's nothing like it. A girl to call my own. Pretty wonderful actually .Thanks to his love story, I'm revisiting my own. Feels good.

Balki's right about Ilaiyraja. His background scores are pieces of sheer genius. I love the way analyzes background scores and tries to convey their meaning. The brilliance of background score lies in its subtlety. To elevate the scene without being noticed. To live inconspicuously in the background until deliberately brought into the spotlight. Raja and Rahman are masters of the craft. But I have to admit I fell deeply in love with BGMs of Mayakkam Enna and 3. 3 is an extremely romantic album, like it ought to be, obviously. Anirudh's done an amazing job. I had a feeling that it was heavily Western music influenced, baroque sometimes, but I'm just a novice when it comes to music genres. Every note in the music score of 3 is like an ode to the madness of love. And I like it better in Tamil. One, because it makes more sense musically. And two, importantly,  because I can avoid Roop Kumar Rathod's pathetic pronunciation. I love listening to Kannazhaka with her, especially the intro violin part. Been finding some extremely addictive pieces of music on Youtube- Canon in DMahaganapatimO Re Chiraiya, Jurassic Park theme and Carnatic Titanic OST.

Thanks to Raghav coming back, life's getting more exciting. Now I realize what I'd been missing all along. Those totally carefree times with friends. And I know all of us are rejuvenated because it seems like the good old times now that all of us are together here again. The vibes are catching up. Lots of interesting movies coming up. Sakuni, Oka romantic crime katha, Viswaroopam and Andala Rakshasi. Mouth-watering prospects. That's really about it for now. 

But Raghav, shocker ra!

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