Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been great fun

Long since I posted. Been a little hung up with quite a few things on the plate. For one, the plate got so loaded that I had to push away some things, like the SEO Stuff; I had been so saturated having written content for about 50 days that I couldn't write no more for shit, even at the cost of losing all that I made scraping my ass off. But I feel much better now. Apart from that, I got my degree and have been visiting Government Schools in the city to prepare for a report on SMC Meetings for Pratham. More on that later, when I write a detailed article about it. Got through my TFI first round but got kicked out after the Phone Interview. No surprises there. Officially became a part of Grameen Bank's PPI Certification Reserve Corps. Hmm, what else. I know this sounds like a sad post full of accomplishments and rejections but that's pretty much what's been happening of late. Went to Ooty for a couple of days with Amma, stayed in a lovely resort called Glyngarth Villa but came back before the scheduled time. On the LSP front, working on YBI's magazine and will start working for FDR from Friday. Really excited about it, to be working for Karthik, Dr. JP and now Abhishek. Watched Cinderella Man and half Requiem for a Dream. Lux Aeterna is the composition of the month. Despite Chammak Challo giving tough competition. Watching OCW Single Variable Calculus lectures, 18.01. Aiseech. Reading Said Sayrafiezadeh's When Skateboards will be Free. Loving it. I mean that apart from, FDR material on Lokpal and DVVS Varma's booklets Janarajakiyam and Madhya Niyantranaku Mahodyayam. I know this sounds like a lot of boasting but to hell, I'm in the mood now. Amma wants me to cut all this and start preparing for the IBPS exam. Oh! yea, btw, Ram wants me to learn Drupal and I haven't started it yet. Will tonight. Starting a running regime. I don't know, that's about it really then, lots more to do though. The work schedule of these people I'm getting associated with is jaw-dropping and I can help myself immensely if I try working half as hard as them. Applied for IRMA, waiting for TISS notification. Before I leave, yea, spoke to Ragini Atha about agricultural NGOs and she's promised to get me associated with a lot of ones she knows. Great great stuff. Especially, DV Sridharan's story. Google pointReturn.

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Unknown said...

woah.! woah.! u r serious keeping urself pretty busy n more imprtantli wid some promising stuff and something u always wanted to do.Wish you luck wid every endeavour f urs..keep us posted!!