Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The tinkle of her anklets

Sometimes I wonder, travelling along the farthest of yonder
When I'm all alone, and am smiling at myself walking the shores of the seas,
the waves treading my feet, the sun sinking in to them,
and I listen to the sound of music in the salty air, reminding me of things
that hurt me and left me with a burden of vacuum.

And then I look up from my deep contemplation, see her sitting at the shores,
her legs folded into her, her arms encircling them, her hair flying with the wind,
waves tickling her feet, dreams of a happy future in her eyes.

She turns to look at me, with that glorious smile I could give away all of myself for,
and repent because that is all I can give her, and I smile back at the skies,
thanking them for my immense fortune to be able to be with her.

She's all that I've ever dreamed of, the smell of her hair, the sweat on her neck,
the ring of her laughter, the shine of her nose ring, the glow of her eyes,
the beauty of her toes and her heart full of me.

I start towards her, running then and panting with the joy of her sight,
just as I'm to reach her, she disappears, leaving me clutching air that till a moment ago was so her and so me. I fall on my knees and as slowly as the truth sinks into me, I bend down and cry my heart out. I look up at the heavens, shouting obscenities at His cruelty, begging him I'd do anything just to get her back.

I'm flawed, yes, deeply so, but I know of no one else who can complete me,
You are the One, the other half of my jigsaw, the one who's fingers are entwined around mine, you are my inspiration, my every breath, my soul and all that that has ever been me.

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