Sunday, December 6, 2009

Telangana Ravaging Savages


It all started on the 29th of last month. The fateful day when KCR started his fateful 'Fast Unto Death' for a seperate Telangana. Seperate Telangana, why? KCR says, "Because everyone else has been taking advantage of the innocent, hospitable Telangana-ites who've welcomed guests into their houses and who are now being snatched from their food." Pretty dramatic, haan? Now, between the lines. "I'm just another drunkard goon with big dreams and the ability to manipulate the emotions of millions of people who would give their lives to the cause." For a seperate state, we ask. "(laughes)No. So that I get to play the CM."

Loads of hungama happening all around Telangana. Its weird. Probably, deep inside, everyone knows we are not getting the state but everyone has an opinion about it. KCR's fasting for the state, a few are fasting for his good health, a few are selling fuel at about 300% the normal rate, a few are attempting suicides in processions, a few of us who really don't care what's going around and are challenging if the police would really stop us; but of the majority, half are TRS members and the other half are the Policemen. The former are trying to act important by closing down shops, mobbing them up with stones and threatening students. Meanwhile, the latter are trying to instill peace during the bandh, disrupt mobs and threaten students.

And you know what's worse than all this. The media. The over-excited media, a bunch of hyenas with immense power, folks who'd do anything to ensure people stay tuned to them. And what do these people do, us people, we catch onto every 'Breaking News' and then curse the reporters for making a big issue of everything. WTF. Who to blame? When everyone's equally responsible for the damage being caused and the inconvenience suffered by days after days of bandhs.

I ask you, are you people dumb? You are fighting for a seperate Telangana. For the welfare of Telangana people. Then why the hell are you ravaging Telangana. Go loot Visakhapatnam. Go burn down Kakinada. Go shut down Chittoor. I know you don't have the freaking guts to do that. And that you know that whatever you are doing is wrong. Your conscience knows it. Fuck KCR. Fuck the politicians. Fuck the society. Listen to your voice and you'll realise. Renaming Andhra Bank as Telangana Bank is ok. But Thayagaraya Gana Sabha to Suddala Gana Sabha. Abey, hadh hai yaar. And you insult Potti Sree Ramulu. My blood's boiling. Lousy ________. Drunkard losers.

When states have already been divided vernacularly, why all this again? If and when we have a seperate Telangana, will we next fight for a seperate Hyderabad?For a seperate Karimnagar? And then for what? Where will this stop?

The guy's who's responsible for all this is Bal Thackeray and his family. And those dumb goons who support them because they are too lazy to think for themselves. It ain't the fault of people coming into Bombay(Fuck you! I'm not calling it Mumbai) as much it is of the native Bombay-kars who've never dreamed big or done big. They are just envious that someone else is getting better than them and instead of competing, they're just complaining.

Grow up guys. Try doing better than them. Succeed in it. And then win your right that way. And importantly, don't let someone else decide your fate.


Unknown said...

rite from da moment i read ur last post i felt very gloomy because i was so addictd to ur blog that everyday i check out for a new post to read..its gud dat u din tak too lng to get bak to smthng ur really good at..
coming to dis post ..uve dealt a sensitiv issu in a sensible..ur to b congratulated on dat note first...i really go wid u..uve a point n evryone whos strivin hard 4 telagana shud think in dis lines ..onli den thngs will strt goin str8!!

sirish aditya said...

i'll take that as a compliment. thanks.

ramchandra said...

hey, do you know the road map to kcr I want to fuck him.

Unknown said...

great post..i had my frnds frm telangana who themselves donno y dey want telangana,but are supportin the agitation..watever may happen..peoples fate aint gunna change 1 bit..

nidhi said...

Fuck Telangana Double Fuck KCR!