Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bapu Bomma

I was watching Pelli Pustakam yesterday, one of my all time favourites and probably for the first time, I really could identify the aesthetic aspects of the film. Having always been an ardent fan of Bapu (I love his Budugu and other comic strips), I realised this man was neither a cartoonist, a painter or a filmmaker but three rolled into one and probably that is why he has carved himself a niche identity.

All his cartoons are based on the lives of people in Andhra villages and there seems to be a flurry of activity in their lives. Something like his cartoons being snapshots of original people. And like the man himself, his cartoons are simple, down to earth and utterly connectable. You would understand this if you have ever seen his signature.

And his drawing of Hindu gods are breathtaking. They are so simple, elegant and stunningly beautiful with that charm of purity and innocence. And what is so intriguing about Bapu is the honesty and child like feeling in his cartoons.

Anyway, I found this website yesterday and it is very interesting and resourceful.

Also, I was browsing for his cartoons yesterday and I found this simple tutorial on learning to draw. It not exactly a tutorial but novice artists can learn a lot from it. Check it out.

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