Friday, April 10, 2009

The way of the Ninja

Ninja. The name itself sounds so cool, doesn't it? I came across n+ ages ago and I downloaded it because it was a tiny game. I started playing it and boy, was I hooked to it. n+ is this simple, clean looking flash game with hundreds of levels and one simple motive- you are a ninja and you have to come over all the obstacles and finish the level within time. Sounds easy? It isn't.

The best part of n+ is that it is aesthetically beautiful. Its easy on your eye, the ninja's movements are elegant and the gameplay, well, enchanting to say the least. Trust me, having played so many high-level, complex and huge games, I'm telling you that n+ has the best gameplay of them all. Its just got the right mixture of the implausible and the doable. Just when you think you have got it right, you die. And you don't stop because you die. You keep on playing it until you actually finish it. Some of the levels are really tough and wicked but that's what the fun is all about.

Anyways, I just recently found out that you can actually build your own levels and put them up onto their website. Ubercool ain't it? So, I wake up today morning, read the entire builder's manual and then start building levels. In the past hour, I've managed to build two simple levels and I'm pleased with myself.

My tribute to the Spirit of the Ninja.

My first ever n+ level.

Folks! Trust me. This is one heckuva game to play.

Download it and soon you'll be hooked to it. The spirit of the game is such that no matter how many times you actually die, you'll still yearn for more of it.

This truly is the way of the ninja.

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