Sunday, December 7, 2008

does god have negative shades?

I watched the documentary, Pirates of Silicon Valley, today. Its a documentary about how Microsoft and Apple took over the Big Brother IBM and their journey of first 10 years. It was beautifully made and I loved watching it.

Noah Wyle was brilliant as Steve Jobs and the other crew also resembled their real life characters a lot. The film left me pondering over my stance on Steve Jobs' character and I guess mildly affected my worship for him. As it is evident from my previous piece on Steve that I love his charisma, his showmanship and his courage, that probably deceived me that Steve Jobs was the perfect man. I've read quite a lot about him and so took the liberty of portraying his character in my own words.

Now, the movie mostly put Steve in a negative shade. I mean I knew that the way he treated his employees, his rivals, Woz and even his daughter and her mother is appalling but I didn't expect his actions were his way of hiding his insecurity. Guys, I'm not changing my stance on Jobs. I'm just telling you that the different way in which he was portrayed provoked me to think.

And though I was trying to convince myself that the film was just the director's point of view, I still can't convince that small part of my brain which tells me that Steve isn't the perfect man which I had imagined him to be, or even desperately hoped him to be. I hated the way he treated his daughter, although he himself was in a quest for his parents. He should've realised how his daughter must have felt to grow up without a dad. People call it immaturity but I think that's bullshit.

And the film show's that Steve had this knack of exploiting people's negatives. That was true but he should've put himself constraints. To cover his insecurities, he freaked others out. The responses of his employees turned into severe nervousness whenever he was around because Steve could show something wrong even when everything was right.

I don't even know why I'm writing this article. So long, I couldn't restrain myself if anyone spoke bad about Jobs but now I don't think I can do that anymore. He was probably psyched,mad and tyrannical at times but still you can't deny his silver-tongue or his foresight into the future.

He still is my hero...

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