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Crazy- a review

Published in City Mirrors- April 2013


I liked Delhi Belly a lot. Despite its wafer thin plot, despite its caricaturish characters and despite it’s sometimes disgusting humour. What I loved was its honesty, its smart pacing and its exceptional casting. Every character in the movie was what it was simply because of the actors chosen to play it. Nobody could have pulled off Nitin if not Kunal Roy Kapoor and Somayajulu if not Vijay Raaz. I know this is meant to be a review of Crazy and not Delhi Belly but when you walk in with the burden of knowing a film is a remake, you involuntarily tend to make comparisons. Director R. Kannan spares us of that effort right away because Crazy looks exactly like Delhi Belly. It took me by surprise when I saw the extent to which the makers went to replicate the environment of Delhi Belly. The walls of the hotel are decorated in the same way, the apartment is almost a replica and I’m pretty sure the jewellery shop is the same. Kannan got the details right but what he didn’t get was the spirit of the original film. 

Quite simply, Delhi Belly is an out and out urban film whose target audience is the youth between 17-30. And when most of this English speaking public had seen the film in English/Hindi anyway, I have no idea why UTV chose to remake the film. And then revamp the script in such a way to invite other sections of the audience. Delhi Belly worked precisely because it was outrageous. Its dialogue was one half profane and the other half stupid. Its comedy, scatological. And it wore its attitude on its sleeve. Crazy, on the other hand, shies away from its inherent motives. It wants to shock and awe, to amuse and surprise, but it fails at every level because it has no clue how it’s supposed to function. 

There is hardly a story. Three roommates, with weird domestic habits, accidentally stumble across a parcel containing diamonds worth two crores. All three of them are facing serious problems- one is getting into a marriage he is not ready for, another is dumped by a girlfriend, and the third one has eaten something called ‘Ileana’ Chicken because of which he runs to the nearest toilet once every two screen minutes. That’s it. That’s the story. It can still be a fun ride if the characters are interesting and the tempo really high. The characters here are stereotypes (meaning you can know everything about them if you’ve seen the posters and they are exactly what they are supposed to be, nothing more, nothing less), the dialogue is below par, Thaman’s music is atrocious and to make matters worse, we have duets interrupting the already exasperating pace. 

To begin with, there was no point remaking a film like Delhi Belly. Crazy was made to make money off the big hit that the original was. This is a contrived film that will bore the hell out of you. If you haven’t seen Delhi Belly, go watch it. Avoid Crazy.
Rating: 1/5

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