Monday, February 14, 2011

just thought of Jeeves

the last time I gave a shit about what people thought or tried deciphering somebody else's thought process, I realised I couldn't have been more wrong. the whole point of all those intellectual discussions (in quotes), of all those I'm the next scorsese/rand/whatshisname cool hand luke conventions, of trying to rub shoulders with the best of them hoping i'd be hailed as somebody cool enough makes me laugh. but yea, maybe all of them were needed for me to be what I am today. because, seriously, at the end of the day, all that matters is are you good enough, and are you not scared to love. this is a fucking paradox I'm stating fully knowing that I shouldn't be writing all this but reading a few conversations people have on fb comments makes me shudder at the thought that at one point of time in my life, not long ago, I was very similar to them. rude, cynical, doped and beneath a veil of false prestige lay the real me who was capable of nothing but wanting to be happy. single point agenda. that's all everybody looks for. recently, i read a arundhati roy quote, "kids look for approval. we are adults, we don't need it." if you really think you are right, then there's no need to prove it is there. the most profound of people I've truly met are people who do not take themselves seriously, who've learnt enough through instinct or experience that there is no harm being wrong and there's no crime being happy. to all those everyday, unassuming folks, it's been an honour learning from you.

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