Sunday, July 18, 2010

Should? Shouldn't? or is it always a matter of Choice?

Ages and Ages after I last blogged with something to say, I'm back again today.
I was making pradakhanalu around the temple, 41 of 'em and so had a lot of time to dream around. I was thinking about my conversation with Dhruti yesterday and about my line I fell in love with. I've always said that once an impure thought enters into your mind, it doens't necessarily have to be converted into an action and the thought itself has polluted you. Isn't that right in a way. When all of us live in our heads, what happens in there is what defines us.

Walking in the temple, with nothing else to do, I started analyzing it. And the answer is simple. The fact that you did not let one bad thought influence your actions speaks that you are good enough not to be lured by the Satan. When you do not have the capability to control your mind, as most of us, make sure that that is not translated into actions. Like every other part of you, your body, the brain realizes after a point of time what it is supposed to do, what it isn't and is going to learn from it. So, when you stop doing what you don't want to, slowly, I suppose, the brains stop generating such pulses.

Now, another question which arises out here is that when your brain tells you what has to happen, then who tells it what it is supposed to to. I suppose, the convenient answer would be conscience but then all the good and the bad are but conversations within yourself. So, when you have enough reasons to want to be a good guy, that is what is going to prevail and vice versa. At the end of the day, what you choose to do or be all day long, is what eventually matters.

I don't know if it makes a lot of sense but then I wanted to get over with it, so this was it. I'm happy to realize that you can actually govern your life according to your actions. I do not know how I came across this idea but you know, sometimes in life, you just get lucky enough.

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Unknown said...

No matter how bad we think,what finally counts is how we act.I guess its fine as long as our thoughts doesn't harm anyone.But there me a position where we are torn between how good is that,then its something to worry out.N its really takes a lot out f person to not to act bad,because bad attracts easily.So I pretty much say a that no matter how polluted our thougts be, we still remain a good person,if our act remain pure!!