Saturday, July 25, 2009

who said heaven's above the clouds?

Today, I was coming back home from college and since it was a saturday, the bus was mostly empty. So, I slept on a seat with my head towards the window. I slept for quite some while and then I woke up annoyed with the suns rays falling straight on my face. But the moment I opened my eyes, all the anger and frustration vanished. I was spellbound by what was probably one of the best sights of my life.

It was a beautiful clear blue sky and the pearl white cumulus clouds were passing me at a great speed. Or rather, I was passing them. Having never been into cloud gazing, I for the first time realised how peaceful it was, looking at them drift away lazily. So for the rest of the journey, I tried deciphering them into various shapes and animals, probably mankind's oldest game.

I mean, I have always been intrigued by the skies and especially those TV shots where the shadow of a cloud is seamlessly passing over the mountains is one heckuva feeling. But when I accidentally stumbled across its sheer beauty, I was left marveling at God's genius. For a guy like me who is far too impatient to be cloud gazing, it turned out to be a lot of fun. I mean reading about Nimbus, Stratus, Cumulus and Cirrus in your Geography class is not even close to the feeling pervading in your soul when you see clouds(Cumulus being my favourite) drift past lazily with the perfect sky in the background.

I know you must be imagining it right now and wanting to gaze at them the next time you go out. Trust me, do it. Its a wonderful feeling.

In all our books and movies, we have this feeling that god's drift above the clouds in heaven. But I pity them. They should one day come down to earth and then look at the clouds. They wouldn't want to go back.

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