Monday, April 20, 2009

Scott McCloud

I came across McCloud a long time ago when I was browsing through the net for draw-yourself-comics books. And as I began reading more about him, the more I started respecting him and this medium called comics. We generally tend to brush off comics as kids' toys or stories for the less intelligent who need the 'aid' of a visual medium to know the story. But once you listen to his lecture on ted, you will open yourself to another world where millions of fans wait for their beloved comic artists to take them to another world. There are many kinds of comic books or rather, Graphic novels as Frank Miller would put it and its well worth the effort to know about them. By the way, I found this amazing comic today in McCloud's site and its a perfect blend of intelligence, suspense, art and a gripping story-teller at his best- The Right Number.

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