Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God does not play dice with the Universe, you are right Mr. Einstein...Pattern Recognition

Every action in the universe follows a pattern. There is no such thing as "random". I stumbled across this brilliant idea today. Ok, an idea, if not brilliant. So, how did I get this idea? Well, according to my theory, that would be because there was a certain pattern to my thoughts which enabled me to come to this conclusion, right?

I was talking to Sravani the day before yesterday when she said she wanted to sell me a guitar, 'coz I was going to guitar classes. Then we come to talk about whose guitar she had to sell and why. That guitar incidentally belongs to her uncle who is a multi-faceted person and stuff. He is really good at painting, singing, flying, guitar and a lot of other stuff. Now, my all-time idols list includes Leonardo Da Vinci. And that is because he was a polymath. I have a huge reverence for multi-faceted people and I always wanted to be one. So, I was thinking about how I can be so very versatile and which fields really interest me. Some of them include painting, sculpting, mathematics, music and stuff. This all happened the day before yesterday and I go to sleep with all these thoughts in my head.

The next day, yesterday, I woke up at 5.00 in the morning. Period. Yeah, I really did wake up at 5.00 and in the morning too ;). Anyways, I can't go back to sleep and so I come online to download a game. The paper arrives at 6.00 and my eyes fall on an ad of a maths website which offers free maths tests. So, I decide to take it to let myself know my mathematical prowess. One of the questions in the test include finding the volume of a cone. I don't remember the formula and so I google it. The same page contains the formulae for the volume of a sphere and a cylinder. I get the formula, finish the test and score a miserly 6/15(yeah, I admit I'm pathetic at math). Over and Out.

Now, in the college bus everyday, I read a book. I was reading Richard P. Feynman's autobiography of anecdotes since a few days and had been trying to emulate him. I wanted to have his curiosity and problem-solving perseverance. So, I start thinking of trying to solve an easy problem or rather, question a well accepted formula. Put in a few words, I wanted to be The Paradigm Shift-er :D. So, the morning's test comes into my brain and I start thinking about the volume of a sphere and how scientists concluded on it. Could it be proved wrong? How many ways were there to prove it? and such stuff. All day yesterday, I had been working on it and even by night, I was going nowhere.

I still had it in my mind today morning when I woke up and I really wanted to get really good at mathematics and stuff. And I got onto the attic today morning to get my old Intermediate maths TBs. I came across a 10th class math textbook which had Ramanujan's face printed on it. Now, I'm a huge Srinivasa Ramanujan fan and I've always wanted to be like him. And then I was thinking about how he could make up equations in his mind about complex issues. The word "equations" stuck to me and I started thinking about Einstein's Theory of Relativity and how he tried in vain to deduce the Unified Theory. Now, the Unified Theory has been the one dream of Scientists, Mathematicians, Philosophers and Sages through the ages. To put it scientifically, it is but just one "equation" which satisfies all the patterns in the universe. And then I started thinking about one of my favourite Einstein quotes: God does not play dice with the Universe. I just love that line. Its like mankind's take against God and that we have a way of finding out God's mind. Anyways, Santosh comes in just then and I forget about Einstein and his theories.

I don't remember any of it until almost 8 hours later I'm playing Snakes & Ladders with Kunni. I was throwing dice and then I recollect that Einstein's quote(about God playing dice). And then I think that I want to be a really cool mathematician and stuff and thinking of math, I fall into probability and the dice and the coins problems. I suddenly have this gut feeling that the probability of getting any number on the dice is NOT 1/6. It depends on the numbers which I got previously. That means, they follow a certain pattern and the probability is not same always. Let me put it this way: Lets say, 99 people jump off a 10 floor building and all 99 of them die. Then if I say I wanna try and jump, people will tell me that I would definitely die because the probability of me dying was 100% and to live was 0%. Let us assume that I jump and yet I live. Then, it means that I have altered the entire statistical probability. If someone else wants to jump off the building after me, his probability of dying now would just be 99% and of living would be 1%. That is a considerable shift, ain't it?

So, all I'm telling is, everything in the Universe is characterized by experience which is nothing but whatever we saw already happen. To put it bluntly, Experience is nothing more than previous Statistical Data. You can't alter the existing data but you sure can shift the near future so that the farther future's experience is much different. I know I'm confusing you with all this muddled explanation, so I have another example. Everything looks inorderly and random at a very tiny level but at a macro level, it looks all clear and meaningful. For instance, if you were the size of an electron, the extremely fast motion of electrons in a rock would mean nothing to you and the motion would appear random. But if you, as a human, look at the same rock, it appears immobile and rational, right?

Let us consider this: You are walking on the road with a bunch of flowers in your hand and you drop the flowers, why? Because someone riding on a cycle hit you, Why? Because he was trying to avoid this guy who was being chased by the police, Why? The police was chasing the car because he was speeding, Why? Because his wife had just given birth to a baby and he was in a rush to reach the hospital. And eventually, it turns out that you are actually going to the same hospital as the guy's wife because she is your sister and you are going to give her those flowers. Now, what would you do after this incident? As you don't know what actually happened, you curse the bicycle rider, pick up your flowers and move on. Now, change your view form that of a character in the happening drama to that of the audience(I know, Shakespeare's rhetoric (connect it to All The World's A Stage :P)).Imagine you are flying outside the Universe and look at all this. All this seems logical to you, right?

That is what I have been talking about. There is a relationship among all the things in the universe. There must also be a pattern to Prime Numbers. Just because we haven't found it out yet, doesn't mean there is no pattern. I don't know how to prove this theory but I'll do it one day.

For the next one day after reading this piece, you will try connecting all the things and find a pattern to your actions :P.


  1. okay..proof for da volume of a sphere and da pattern which da prime numbers design themselves in..get it and den we'll call da eds..;)..wat u say makes sense once a reading is given and like u said,wen u actually try applying it to situations happening around u..and no explanations for why i connections..just instinct..;)

  2. i'll tell you what, you commented because you were thinking about something else and then you wanted to comment...think over it, you'll find the pattern... :D

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  4. haha... well those were very thoughtful days for u i guess :P ... well there is a patern for prime numbers buddy:P ... all the prime numbers greater than 3 are in the patter "6k(+or-)1 " .. check it out ;)

  5. akks! u r a goddamn genius[:D]...i dint knw abt dat prime no's thingy...u r da perfect sis for mr.dexter [;)]

  6. well, talkin abt the relationship amongst every matter put u around the world, i agree wid you that there is some kindaa connectivity...

    abt mathematics.. i hav no clue at allll! for me its completely outta head..!

  7. adn oi btw, i jst realised, all prime no's are in da pattern of 6k+ - 1 but not all of 6k+-1 r prime no's...

  8. mawa...i dun hav guts 2 speak abt all maths n teory kinda stuff...but coming 2 something like ur interest in multi faceted personalities....u said that r pretty interested in those kinda personalities and u aspire 2 be one of 'em.......but u knopw what........i somtimes think that u get obsessed wid whateva u dat process ,u gonna lose ur own identity and ur mark......neva do that 4 go'ds sake....atleast for ur sake.....YOU ARE YOU mawa.......u hav got ya own identity....i like that....dun lose it....might b a kinda warning....but neva mind....its for uva cause!!!

  9. rofl!..yea i guess u r rite mama..more often than not, i lose myself in order to find myself in ppl i like..i guess i shud stop doin it..thanx for everything raa..and yea, bob marley zindabad! :P