Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lamakaan among other things

Long since I posted something up here. Sounds of Isha playing in my ears, I came here for a quick jot of what all's been happening. My confidence's screwed up, my work ethic's nuts, and my reading's a total mess. I don't seem to be getting past 10 pages of any book before the other interests me. Starting a book is a lot about passion, ending it is tougher; it's about patience and principle. I seem to be lacking them. Anyway, I don't want to be ranting over and over again.

We shot my Snooker idea the other day, finally and we'll have to sit down and edit it. The footage looks rather sad, having shot it with Ani's phone but then we're working on converting it into HD. Went to Lamakaan today and heard a talk about Rumi. Super lecture and a really nice place. I really wish I wasn't this messed up and did more in life than talk about achieving that elusive thing. Bid adieu to Net.Orange, which left me sad for they were really nice but then I'm far too confused to be promising them anything now. It's pathetic, talking every post about how confused I am. I'm attending an interview the day after tomorrow for a Certificate Program in Rural Management. I don't know, but I feel depressed. I so want to do something, stick to one thing and I have a feeling I'm going right in the opposite direction. Least of all I don't want to hurt people which I'm so good at. No, I'm done talking this shit.

Watching Physics lecture at MIT's OpenCourseWare. Reading the first edition of Out of Print magazine and ofcourse, dreaming about getting published in it. Well, no harm dreaming because either way they're taking me nowhere.

By the way, I just learnt Lamakaan means 'the abode of the homeless'.

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Deekshith said...

The title couldn't get better than that and aah! coming to the content, no idea.