Monday, November 8, 2010

The System, Supertramp and fb

Watching Into the Wild. Reading Godel, Escher, Bach. Loving it. All the pending gyaan of the last few weeks coming in a rush. No more fb. Been jotting down some stuff today. This came when I was watching Into the Wild today- The difference between living and dying runs pretty thin. With living, you realize that you are on the verge of death every moment and with dying, you've just crossed that line. I love Mahesh Shankar's violin versions in the end medleys of both Vennela and Prasthanam. Makes me crave for more. No wonder so many people quote Hofstadter. 40 pages through and I'm spellbound by his observations. So real that I've felt all of them and yet his ability to give those fluid thoughts a concrete shape is fascinating. The Matrix talks about The System; now I know where that came from. Watched Tanikela Bharani's interview yesterday. Loved him speak about Sri Sri, Chalam and Telugu. Feeling good today. Did what I wanted to, didn't go out or meet a lot of people today. Liking it. And yea, before I leave, if one sentence helps me understand people better, it is this- We judge ourselves by our ideals, others by their actions.

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Deekshith Vemuganti said...

that is one helluva line I've ever read! the last one! absolutely brilliantly written!