Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pleased as Punch

Got into MAD. That's a whole new story, will write about it soon. During the selection process, they asked us to write about why we wanted to get into MAD. I wrote this and today I saw it up in the MAD site next to my resume. I wrote it in a hurry in about 2 minutes but reading back, I'm proud of it. Here it goes.


Why MAD. Apart from being one of the most popular organizations working towards this cause, what pulls me more towards you folks is the fact that MAD was started by a bunch of college-goers; People who need not have done anything, didn't have to but yet chose to. I've always wanted to do something for those less privileged than me. What have I done? Nothing much, to be honest, apart from write about Child Labour in my blog, convince a couple of my classmates against employing children as maids and brood over God's injustice. That is because I never knew where to start off. And MAD seems like a good place to begin with. I'm just another restless youth but I'm energetic enough to inspire kids, enthusiastic enough to work hard and committed enough to stick to what I believe in. And I believe in the difference MAD can make.

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Deekshith Vemuganti said...

good one! 2 min is pretty fast!