Thursday, February 18, 2010

And he told me...

Sravani wrote this. Can you actually believe it? I couldn't the first time I read it. But I think somewhere deep inside I knew only she could write this. One of the most heartfelt works I've read. Loved reading it. To you Sravs.


As i looked into his eyes
And found his longing stare
I stopped myself from saying words
That would show how much i care

I put my hand upto his face
To hold my feelings in
I wouldn't say the words again
To show my love for him

The last time I had told him
How much he meant to me
He put my hands away from his
And said to leave him be

I never spoke the words again
For fear of his deep fright
I thought it was the last time
Until that blissful night

His fingers traced around my face
Pushing hair away
And I was quite unprepared
For what he was to say

My heart beat quickly,my head raced on
I thought that I might cry
He looked as if he might faint-
Imagine this strong guy

But never would I be more impressed
With anything he'd do
Than when he took that heartfelt leap
And told me,"I Love You"


Here's the link to her blog.