Thursday, November 5, 2009

A lot of life and a little of me

Been ages since I've blogged. Been ages since I've actually put my bum to work and started thinking. Not that I think with my ass but my greatest ideas come in the loo. Anyway, probably for the first time in ages I'm neither writing about my girl nor about how screwed up my life is. Infact, I don't know what I'm writing about. Yeah, the blogger's back. The same old ass who once wrote because he wanted to and who never told people that his blog was updated. Deekshith's right about this. Is been ages since I've written just for myself and didn't really care if someone really ever reads it.

Does that mean I don't want people to read my stuff? Ofcourse, I want to. I like people to know what I've written and their feedback as to what they think about it. But then the basic essence of my blog was for me to read it sometime later and reflect on how much of an ass I was 6 months ago. Holy crap, what am I writing about? Guys, if you are bored, I don't really blame you. I suggest you don't read further. Nothing much is going to happen down there. Shit! Here I go talking to all my readers again. (To myself: Saale! Grow out of it. No one really wants to read all the shit you write. About how you think you are a cool guy and how much you love life. No one's really bothered. Everyone's busy living. So, its high time you realise that and get back to being yourself.)

This is about a lot of things. A lot of trivial things which I thought were too short to be written about. But then isn't life about all those little, precious things- that loving glance from your girl, that stub of cigarette, that honest hug, that line you read which never left you. So, I decide I write about them. Not much. Just a little. Or maybe this isn't even about those things. Alright, I'll stop telling what I'm writing about and just write it straight away.


I pity Ricky Ponting. I mean the guy's played under one of the finest captains, Allan Border and Steve Waugh. He himself has been a very succssful captain of a lethal team. And now he has to play with this bunch of little kids like Hilfenhaus, Marsh and McCauy. Nothing against those guys but if you are used to the likes of Gilchrist, Hayden, McGrath and Warne at your disposal, summoning these new guys to perform is not really easy. And yet he's a doing a really good job in the ongoing series and no matter how much I detest the guy, I really appreciate that.

I haven't been to the guitar class for last 2 months and I kinda miss it. Not that I'm a great player nor that I played it a good deal but I feel let down by myself. I'll get back to it. And pretty soon. That place holds a lot of my memories and that's put me down whenever I go there. But that's more the reason I want to go back. The fact that I feel sad is a testimony of all those sweet memories I've had.

My girl's got amazing eyes. Niv would be really pissed off if I still call her my girl but I nevertheless will. Damn man, she was my girl and she is. Those eyes. They just kill me. Probably, the first reason why I was so attracted to her the first time we spoke. Those big, beautiful eyes with that hint of Kajol and the way she looks at me. She has to look upto my face when she's really close and when she lifts her eyes, boy I wish I could be taken into the abyss of her black eyeballs. Its been 6 months since I last saw her and even now when I first think of Her, the first image I get is of those eyes. I told her this a lot of times but she always laughed it off. And yeah, I even sang her "Aankhe Teri Kitni Haseen" once.

The Little Master's gone past 17000 ODI runs today and what a way to get past that record. 175 magnificent runs. But sadly, India lost and I'd blame him for that cheeky shot. I've never really been a big fan of his, having always loved Dravid and Laxman, but the first time I took notice of his genius was in the 2003 Qorld Cup. He was magnificent. But the most I like about him is his relentless passion for the game and his pride in wearing that Blue Uniform(thank you Nagesh Kukunoor). Its a awesome sight watching this tiny figure walk out of the pavillion with millions of eyes hooked onto him, carrying the immense pressure of keeping a Billion people satisfied.

Its been ages since I posted something. I could call it the Writer's Block but then I'd be insulting all writers. I've been using a lot of 'anyway' these days and I hope I break that pattern with this post.

I've been meeting a lot of new, interesting people these days, talking a lot of weird but very fascinating stuff and finally opening up myself to the world around me. And I'm loving it. Its a lot of fun talking to people like Deekshit, Sandeep and JaiSimha not to mention Ani.

Dhruti's been really sweet for a few days now. Something has to wrong with her then. She's been helping me get back to my girl and she even did the unthinkable. I can't write about it now but will soon, I mean if everything goes fine.

Holden Caulifield. Probably, one of the few books I've read which I love so much- The Catcher in the Rye. The day Dhruti gave it to me and said it was a very depressing book was a very fateful day. I want to re-read it but the book is with my girl and I can't dare ask her. So, I keep myself contended reading the quotes.

Ashok Gorrepati. This mythical creature I've been hearing a lot about. Sandeep's brother and everyone who's known him says he is a freaking genius and has an aura around him. I loved reading parts of his blog, Miles and Miles before we sleep together. Having heard all about his larger than life picture, I'm looking forward to meet the man. Hopefully, I will soon.

That's about it I guess. All I've wanted to write about. I have alot of pending posts. Maybe, I'll finish a couple of them now. Check out my updates folks. (To myself again: Thu! Self-Conceited moron. Talk to people again and you are screwed).


J a i said...

Hmmm I liked it more than many of ur posts..!
there is a underlying honesty in most parts of the post..!
I really thought this post wont have anything abt your Girl..!
But bit disappointed as u adjured urself to write abt her..!
Anyway good one, an self conceited post ;)

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I wish dat d blogger's back but i can't find any.I want dat guy wid a creaky one sided smile on his face bak .whom i hav admired a lot frm d day one(three yrs bak) of our journey .Anyways ur idea of keeping a lot of life in a little post cm out well.

sirish aditya said...

rofl! im glad you find me interesting..will try to do better work!