Tuesday, June 3, 2008

photography...letting mah CrEaTiVe devil out

I'm a photography freak...I know I'm not really good but I try to churn out "masterpieces" ;)
So, I click these everyday pictures randomly and edit 'em and try to make 'em luk "wow! dat's beauuutiful" types :P...
Photography is all about finding beauty in normal things in life than try to find something extraordinary.. isn't it?...

anigadu...heights of being abstract...so much so that even I dunno what it means

mah sxi sneakers :D

clicked it in the canteen


clicked it from a moving car 'round sunrise

somewhere in the Krishna river

clicked this from the car wen passing througha road covered by huge trees

Srisailam main temple's gopuram...before sunrise...its beautiful

sxi sneakers those :D
palm trees
don't even think of asking me what it is...masterpieces are to be comprehended alone ;)

the tulasi plant...in our house

the neem tree in my house...clicked from under it
!'ve got this cat which practically lives in the house...and my tiny cousin calls it blackie :D
trees on the road

coconut tree from the terrace...during sunset...'twas a beautiful day
the neem tree from the terrace
coconut tree again
the sun from between the branches of the neem tree...li'l li'l artistic no :>
no comments ;)


Sravani said...

ahem..this is nice...and i loved the tulsi plant pic...:D

Nikhil Reddy Kukudala said...

fine pics.... but dude photos have to be clear when blown up.... these pics are very grainy... u either shoot pics at an higher resolution and if u can, get a stabilizer... what sort of a cam do u use??

Kruthi Gonwar said...

cool ya...they truly look inspired...the pics show ur skill and interest involved...i think ur photography is limited...try out something more creative...it should look more appealing and innovative...

Unknown said...

Nice... but like Nikhil said, you should get yourself a better cam.

The Krishna pic is moody, and the only one out of the bunch with a well defined subject (that landmass is not very interesting, but still) and no distracting elements.

Technical aspects aside, I like the sneakers pic for some reason :)