Saturday, April 13, 2013

On editing films and writing bad reviews

Editing Rooney Bowling Fans Association was crazy fun. Yes, it was tedious because I had to sit down for about 6 hours to make a 4 and a half minute video, but the pay-off was huge. Most importantly, I fell in love with it, the song serendipitously syncing perfectly with the visuals. And the text on screen doing things I didn't consciously choose to make happen. Yes, the uploaded video seemed of a really low quality, but despite that it was a juicy, fast-paced video. See, despite not wanting to come off as conceited, I can't help but rave about it. I well and truly fell in love with it. It also helped that I learned quite a bit of Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium and it seems hell lot of a easier software to work with than Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with which I had worked during the making of Based on a True Story. Talking about Based on a True Story, I sat down and finished half the subtitles for the film. Took quite a bit of time but felt good revisiting the movie. I'm pretty sure Spanish and Iranian film aficiando's will not stumble upon and be disappointed with the lack of subtitles but I wanted to make up for the bad re-recording. A lot of people complained that they couldn't hear anything at all in a few places and I thought it'd be cool to have subtitles for my first movie. So, working on it. Should upload it on Youtube by tomorrow.

I've been working on a couple of screenplays, a sequel to Based on a True Story, a one minute Black and White short with Ankith and another serious, intense drama/thriller where I want Kaushik to play the lead. Things are looking bleak in terms of implementation but I'm getting the screenplays ready. Maybe it'll work out, maybe it won't with them, but I want to be ready with my screenplays. Also, thanks to Vasishta, I got in contact with the founder of a website called We spoke for a long time and I liked his vision, what he was trying to do with the website. So, I told him I'd love to write about films for the website and he seemed to like my blog too. So, I went down to watch the remake of Delhi Belly called Crazy today and published the review. Sravani said that it was a really bad review because it reeked of indifference and I spent more time talking about Delhi Belly than Crazy, which seems to me, now in hindsight, to be true. I tried covering up by saying that the film was so mediocre that it couldn't inspire me into writing well, for which she retorted, truly again, that anybody could write well about a good film. The reason people turn to critics and reviewers is because they can write well about both good and bad films, thereby letting the audience know why something is good and something else isn't. Couldn't refute with that. Reminded me of what Rajeev Masand once said about critics. He said that all critics, to begin with, are good writers and they use their skills to write about the thing they are most passionate about, books, music or films. I don't remember if it was Masand or Raja Sen. It was in this interview. Check it out. Great one.

That's it for now really. Also, I forgot, we had been planning to do a review of a new release every Friday and revisit a foreign film, a modern classic, every Wednesday. I'm really excited about doing it. Just a catch that I have no idea how I'm to find tickets every Friday for the release of the week. That's about it then.


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