Monday, November 28, 2011

Khule da Rabb

I am in love with Zeb & Haniya. What a stunning album Chup! is. There's nothing like music. That's a ridiculously cliched statement to make but I'm too tired now to elaborate. I think it was Martel who wrote to Stephen Harper once about Nietzsche, cliches and how it ruined his writing and thinking prowess. A cliche is a shortcut people take to escape and like all good shortcuts, it just isn't good enough.

I'm somebody who preaches selfishness. I'd rather not talk about myself. I don't feel comfortable doing it. But then if a man is selfish, in the truest sense of the word, he will be the greatest man on earth. No, I'm not paraphrasing Madam Rand. I don't want to get into lengthy, directionless discussions about the improbable character of Howard Roark. If a man is truly selfish and respects his ego more than anyone else's, he understands how important ego is. Not just his, anybody else's too. And that will have him respect somebody else's ego, opinion, life and love. I don't really know if this makes any sense at all but the fog is beginning to clear now. A man who does not respect himself, is not confident and cannot look up to his ego is loud, bitter, vexatious and plain cruel. Respecting somebody is the beginning of a sustaining relationship.

I can't write anymore. Later.

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