Friday, May 27, 2011

flied to try

"Hey, watch out, you'll step on it."
Too late, I had already stepped on the insect. But as soon as I heard the warning, I shifted my balance onto my other leg and hopped around the insect, Where, where.
And then I spotted it. It was some sort of a flying insect, hardly half as big as the nail on my little finger.
When I bent down to observe it closely, I saw it wriggling, it's honey-coloured body wreathing in the pain and it looked like it's wings were almost broken.
"Shit", thought I, "where the fuck was I even looking."
But I noticed more closely, it wasn't rolling around in pain but it was trying to get up onto it's feet. Well, it succeeded and when it tried to try fly, it toppled over.
After that happened a couple of times, I blew right at it hoping that it would be of some assistance. And then there was again the episode of wriggling, jerking around, and it turned really painful to look at. It was suffering and all it was really trying to do was fly, nothing else mattered to it, not the pain, nothing. I tried lifting it up with a piece of paper but that didn't work either. In the intense jerking that was happening, it managed to fall off the paper every single time.
It was when I was beginning to grow exasperated that I blew it to a corner of the room so that it wouldn't be trampled upon by nobody else, that it flew. And it flew away.
I walked away, grinning like a stupid.


Sravani said...

nice re!:D

Bhargavi said...

hmmm i like it wen u are like dis...

Anonymous said...

That.Is.Totally.Relatable. You write some really nice stuff and it enthralls me as to how one puts such familiar incidents in such a subtle way.