Tuesday, December 21, 2010

messed up chaos

The funny part is, I never know what are the inspirations for my new ideas. Like I was telling Kaushik and Vikranth three days ago, a man is a combination of experiences and environments processed through a slightly original idea of a mind. Okay, before I forget, let me tell what in the first place I'm here to write about. I was listening to James Gleick's Chaos and in between two files, it stuck me that if there is something really called Butterfly Effect, then pursuing it to unravel the chaos would take us further away from the absolute truth because in the process of trying to uncover something, you are altering quite a few variable which somehow contribute into the process as a whole and the noise made whilst this process of discovering would change the outcome of the experiment of the radically. I don't know if I'm making any sense but here's what I've been thinking in brief. You are part of a system, so all your actions will affect it. And so, as long as you are within the system, you cannot dream to understand it as a bird's eye view because,
1. that too would be still within the system; imagine a circle which leans into itself and you have a never ending spiral.
2. the kind of changes that would be made to the interdependent variables because of your process of trying to look in would change the system further away from all that you are trying to look at in the first place.

This is as lucid as I can get. I'm not even past 1/7th of GEB but since the moment I've begun reading it, all my writings have been carrying that baggage around. Hang on, is me writing about the way I write similar to the Incompleteness Theorem because I cannot critic my writing through my writing. And yea, I discover Jackson Pollock today. Boy, are those paintings awesome. Especially the "being in the painting part". Got me into thinking of Ray Bradbury's concept of writing, not thinking. Of how I am far too involved while writing to be really considering what is to be written and what is not. Like Pollock says, I am nature. You are letting an impulse drive you, a state of subconsciousness which just knows what word is be entered right after it's previous word. Because, shit, I just broke my rule. I paused.


It's funny how I just realised that both the act and the result of painting is called Painting.

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