Sunday, October 24, 2010

life, the way you want to see it

It's funny, how in life we take things the way we want to. The ability to derive from something what exactly you've been trying to express, to relate with. And when there are things you are saying, but want to add credibility to them, you relate them to those popular sources who are similar enough. Pretty concocted sentence. Ok, had this really really long conversation with yasaswyny. Loved it. There was a lot of shit in it, like generalizing people but then there were a few gems in the conversation too. We spoke about god, about marriage, about people, about people, about physics, about thathas, about genius, about mirapakaya bajjis, about prospective grooms, about marijuana, about marquez, and about why I believe why she should never marry. Loved it, time flew so fast that we didn't realize we had been speaking for 4-5 hours. Long since I've had somebody listen to me uninterrupted and I told her my opinions on a lot of things, why people should open up their eyes and ears and warned her against trusting men completely; how we can be complete assholes. We spoke about women in my life, about anirudh, about poems, about writers and cigarettes, about what it means in life to be happy and successful. Now, as I list out things, I relive all those ideas and it makes me want to do it again. Ages since I've had such an uninhibited conversation, with honest, impromptu, sometimes brutal perceptions flowing from both sides. Thanks yashu, for Mirchi Bajji, Jamkai, Binary Logic problems and a very memorable afternoon.


  1. these kinda conversations every once in a while can make you life better! Congo!

  2. thats my pleasure sirish.....i too had fun....thanks for all was good to increase all directions and see new dimensions of life....thats always interesting.....