Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Destiny, The Matrix and a lot of Whys

Another one of those long conversations where the spectrum of topics discussed ranged from movies, to people, to destiny, to movies, to math, to why everything is the way it is. Had loads of fun talking to Kaushik for a long time today at Ashok's.

We spoke about a lot of things but what started off with why people act the way they do drifted to The Matrix, Paulo Coelho and Game Theory. He reminded me again of that pending Pool Virus Project and I really want to do it. Waiting for the equipment. But I'm really pleased with what happened today. What all we spoke about but importantly, about how easy it was to talk to someone without being preached, or taunted, or looked upon by.

Really refreshing. The kind of stuff really good conversations do to you.

So long, Charlie!

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