Saturday, December 5, 2009

indian ocean

Came across Indian Ocean 3 days ago, heard Kandisa 2 days ago and listened to the entire album Kandisa yesterday. Today I'm off writing about them. Boy, that is quick. The age of Fast Foods Noodles and 2 minute takeaways. But that is what Sushmit, Asheem, Rahul and Amit do to you. They take you away from this world and transport you into spirituality- Home Delivered.

Indian Ocean is the name of a band formed in 1991 and since 1994, the afore mentioned guys have stuck together. These folks composed music for Hulla(a film I thoroughly enjoyed watching) and though I didn't find the music to be great, I wanted to know what Indian Ocean was. And so I learned about them from their website. Funny, simple and candid, their description of themselves really interested me and I decided to try them once.

So, I youtube Kandisa. You dont listen to this kind of music everyday. I mean its hard to explain or classify them into one genre. And the lyrics of Kandisa are derived from a thousand year old Syrian orthodox church song.

Apart from Kandisa, which is my personal favourite, Maa Rewa(a folk song about the Narmada River) and Khajuraho are very good too. Infact, the entire album is amazing and guys, try it once. I'm still to get over Kandisa but soon I'll listen to the other albums too. Let me know how you felt.

Till then, long live Indian Ocean.


varun said...

thanz for taking me with u into dis journey.... these guys really rock... i heard dem over a hundred times yesterday....

sirish aditya said...

rofl!..the entire album is so freaking enchanting. anytime, mate!