Sunday, November 22, 2009

taking some time off

i wont be blogging for sometime. just letting you folks(me included!) know. ahm! why? i dont know. coz ive so many saved posts, half written and im not being able to finish em off. so, what ill do is, ill take sometime off from this self-conceited-depressing-enlightening-abt my girl blog of mine and then ill come back with everything new and a lot of old, saved stuff too.

btw, if you havent seen leader's first look, i suggest you do it. rana looks amazing(no gay intentions) and sekhar kammula has been 'the sekhar kammula' since i saw anand. keeping my fingers crossed and hoping he can pull it off(item song and a huge star cast).

meanwhile, ill try deciding what ill do with life(amma's been pestering me since abt a month), ill stop being such an extrovert, go read and watch movies, go through than enlighetening phase which people call transition from boyhood-to-manhood and ... holy crap! STFU. and yea, i forgot to tell ye, i finished reading the catcher in the rye yet another time, watched DCH once more and spoke to my girl last monday for abt half hr. boy, do i love her.

she was really sweet and lecturing and all that, that i should grow up, leave her behind, move on with life and try findin another girl and between all this, she called me an asshole 7 times, loser 4 times, moron twice, immature twice and a coward once. and she told me if she had a chance, she'd kill steve jobs. boy, i love her.

anyway, ill see you folks in sometime then. how long, i have no idea. maybe ill come back before i become a man an all.

all hail and god bless.

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