Friday, October 30, 2009

Stroke of genius

Brilliant! Having read this piece, I'm not even eligible to comment on it. Once I started reading this, I didn't even breathe until I finished it. Genius. I'm actually in the midst of watching Green Street Hooligans and as irresistible as the movie is, I pause to confirm a date tomorrow with this creature called gorrepati sandeep. Someone I've heard of about a lot but never have actually spoken to. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that Deekshit and probably Raghav worship him and I know they'd proudly accept this. Anyway, he started blogging like a month ago and I generally like his work, especially the carefree, lazy way in which he does that. Anyway, I read his latest piece like 5 minutes ago and I'm in a state of daze. Holy crap! That was amazing. Gorrepati, I bow down to you.

Here it goes.

Folks, don't waste no more time and read it. You've sinned enough already without having read it and trust me, you'll feel something you've never felt before.


  1. aditya that was overwhelming chaalu ayya naaaku taagi nattu undi adi chadivaaka ......and thanks mate cheers to the the guy's who inspired me and taught me the basics of blogging....aditya and deekshith

  2. Nice post aditya...
    u r throwing light on which deserve lime light