Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Die Virgin

Been in Bombay since the past 4 days. Having fun. Not in the photographic sense but catching up with old memories and in a cliched South Indian way, musing over the essence of live with a cup of coffee during dusk. Hmm, heaven.

Been thinking over a lot of aspects of life over the past few day. A strong dose of joblessness helps, you know. And everything going pretty bad in life, its high time I look back and get my life back on tracks. Just felt like sharing a few things with you today.

Life's really short mate and this is your one chance to live. So, live it. I know this is said so repeatedly that this might make you yawn but its true, ain't it? Like any hippie, saint or a philospher would put it, live your life but make sure you are still untouched. Have a third person view of your own life, and then you will stay level-headed and will respect and love your life more.

I know I am neither a hippie, nor a philospher nor a saint but my life's pretty screwed up too and I have learnt a few things looking back at my life and at others'. Do whatever you want to. But make sure you don't hurt others. Because you never know if you would have another chance to apologise. If not anything else, I have learnt this. Life's far too simple and straight. Just don't complicate it and get lost in the web.

Am I enlightened? I do not know. But I know that I'll try applying this philosophy from now. If you want to learn music, go learn it. If you want to transcend into higher levels of subconsciousness, do it. If you want to go see the world, go take the ride. What the heck are you waiting for? I am not asking you to turn into a loser quitting your duties, shunning away your responsibilities. Just make sure you enjoy living.

Go into the wild. Go climb mountains. Go pluck fruits from trees. Go write poetry. Go cuddle up with an animal. Go roll in the grasslands. Go enjoy every breathe you take in because it could well be your last.

And most importantly, stand by your friends and family during a crisis, forgive them for all their faults and tell them how much they mean to you. Then will you be remembered as the man who lived and taught others how to live.

Life hits at you pretty hard at times. She knows that you need constant remindings of your destiny. Of the purpose of your life. So, do not get pissed off with it and learn from it.

And yeah, I just got this line into my head.

Don't give life a chance to fuck you. Go fuck it instead. But hey, die virgin.

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